Why? Why? The reasons of Mourinho’s Chelsea loss to PSG in Paris

In the first leg of the UEFA Champions League, Paris SG defeated Chelsea FC 3-1.


At the end of the match, Mourinho summarized the defeast “we had the ball, but we couldn’t attack” show his upset “i am not happy with my striker’s performance”

Regarding the goals:  “we made individual defensive mistakes—so we paid the price.”

Let’s take his words and anlyze what so terrible happened to the english team.


The incapacity of attacking.

1. Amplitude on the wrong side:

Amplitude Ivanovic

The team applied the principle of playing wide, but Ivanovic responsible for widening the field to the right side at the same time wide midfielder William was constantly moving to the center did not allow the team to create unbalances in this side. It would be better to switch sides (Ivanovic to the left and Azpilicueta to the right) once the spanish in much more offensive and better forward, while the serbian is more defensive.

2. Hazard Azpilicueta playing at the wrong side:

Desdobramento Azpilicueta

When Hazard had the ball, left-back Azpilicueta had good results unbalancing the opponent defense. But as a right footed he couldn’t give a good sequence to the plays (like crossing with the left foot). It would achieve better results if instead of receiving the ball widely, he receives it inside penalty area passes..

3. Low presence inside penalty area (1st half):

Pouca presença na área

As shown in the image above (representing the 1st half). Every time Chelsea had the ball wide ready to be crossed to the area, it wasn’t a dangerous situation, because of the low presence of players in the penalty area, usually only one player, while the rest were too far from the goal.

4. Arriving too soon (2nd half):

Chegar, não estar

In the 2nd half, the mistake was different. Instead of going to the penalty area to succeed to the crossings from the wide, the strikers and midfielders were arriving too soon, much before the ball, making defenders life much easier.

5. Few strikes from outside the area:

For several times, Chelsea had the ball and wanted to get into PSG area. Usually with Hazard and David Luiz. They had lots of situation to strike from outside the area, with complete freedom, but instead of doing it, they preferred to pass the ball trying to reach the area.

Now the “individual defensive mistakes—so we paid the price”:

1st Goal (Lavezzi):

Lots of errors by Mourinho’s team. William did not oppose to the cross, Terry, in the center of the area, made a terrible error, under no pressure he nodded the ball to the opponent. David Luiz, Azpilicueta and Ramires were not at they should be, leaving the center of the area, near the penalty mark, completely free to Lavezzi and Cavani. Lavezzi scored.

2nd Goal (David Luiz own goal):

This goal began in a free kick in the right-side after a fould commited by David Luiz. Petr Cech should have catch the high ball. And, off course, David Luiz misfortunate when trying to turn the ball away from goal (too much classy?). It was clear that there was a lack of aggressivity in Chelsea’s deffense, both from goalkeeper and rest of the defenders.

3rd Goal (Pastore):

Pastore received a long pass under no pressure from the 3 near opponents (Azpilicueta, William and Lampard). He carried the ball to the goal line, Azpilicueta and Lampard were clearly affraid of commiting a fould or giving a corner kick, making easier to Pastore to pass them. Terry was too slow and let Pastore strike. As the last scene of this sequence of errors, Peter Cech in bad position let the ball pass betweem him and the post.


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