Positional Play Practice – 1. IN ACTION

This functional practice game is played in a more rectangular area with the size of the area varying depending on the coach – similar to Rondos. The touches should be limited to 1 or 2 touches, though it is variable depending on the team and coach. In this game there are 3 neutral players (yellow) and a 4 vs. 4 possession game. The objective is to keep the ball as long as possible. Once the ball is lost, the two teams of 4 switch. There is a catch, though. When the ball is lost, the team that lost it can immediately counterpress. This trains the ability and impulse to counterpress immediately when the ball is lost as well as the possessing team to immediately escape the area of pressure when the ball is lost. Along with similar fundamentals that are trained in Rondos, this game trains positioning in possession in between defenders, which adds complexity and pressure because there are 6 offensive players on the outside with 4 defenders in the center + 1 offensive player between them. it has been shown by previous researchers that applying mini goals within the session plan can aid players to develop a realistic match based situation during performance level (David et al., 2013) Age: 11+ Gender: both Session topic: positional game play Ability level: Developmental/ semi-professional phase Coaching points: Technical Recieving the ball on the half turn; Quality of First Touch; Weight Of Pass. Tactical: How to create space in positions; Understanding of roles in different positions. Physical: Following the pass; Creating Space. Psychological: How do you react as a player when in a different position? social: verbal/non verbal communication skills


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