OBJECTIVE:Develop support play, passing and movement.ORGANIZATION:Execute this technique into a 30m square area. Divide this area into two zones of 15m with a diamond shape formation in each zone. A player on each of the 4 corners of the formations. The exercise takes place simultaneous on the 2 zones.DESCRIPTION:The aim is to complete the drill with precise 1-touch passing putting together a move that will help players to find space from their marker and create an effective attack. Player 9 pass to 11-7 who makes a oriented reception and pass to 8. 8 returns the ball to 11-7 that passes to 7-11. 7-11 pass to 8 and receive the ball up front. It’s very important to move the ball around quickly and for each players body shape to be correctly positioned to deliver precise passing.KEY POINTS:Accurate passing.Technical quality.No interruptions.

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