OBJECTIVE:Improve build-up playing and shooting.ORGANIZATION:Area of 25 or 30m by 35 or 40m. Divide the playing area into two sides and place a goal at one end. Two players should be positioned on either side of the goal. While two other groups should be on opposite sides in the middle and two groups of players at the other end of the pitch with the ball.DESCRIPTION:With 1-touch football the 1st player plays one-two with the player on the side before colecting and delivering a long low (then high) crossfield pass to a player at the other end of the pitch. The target player must effectively control the ball and role it into to the path of the striker who takes a shot at goal. The process should then be repeated on the other side of the pitch. Make sure each player carries out the drill with 1-touch passing and is fast and sharp in their movement.KEY POINTS:Accurate passing.Use both feet.Scoring goals.

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