rondo – 1. 3 SIDES, 3 ZONES.



We all know that the most usefull effective drills are the ones that simulate real match situations. Rondo have been the most lovable -game- for coaches and players. Rondo games in the next few drills designed to assure that players will be aware during the action of their team, opponents, or even on hold. The aim for the team in possession is to have 5 successfull passes in 3v2 situation, then transfer the ball to their mate in the next zone, who keeps possession for a 3v3 situatio, and keep possession for 5 passes, then transfer to the last zone, keep the ball, pass for 5 passes in a new 3v3, and then pass to the team on hold. The team on hold become now in possession, their team now becme defenders. Each successfull transfer computed 1 point.
Points: Team in possession must be subjected to high pressure by defending team. Never allow the ball to cross the outlines. Player in the next zone should follow the passes in order to create the best angles for his mates willing to pass him next. The player in the next zone when he receives the ball, he must keep it till his full support is there. If defending team win the ball, they keep possession for 5 passes and continue passing to the next zones. They become now in possession and play continues in the same pattern.

Ahmed Zamari

Ahmed Zamari

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