Rondos by Laureano Ruiz

In his book “The authentic Barça Method” Laureano Ruiz show us how the classic rondos shall be played

For the creator of the ‘real rondos’ they are the basis for a perfect time reaction, dribble, ball control and pass

Doing it right leads to a good tactical and physical work

Check the real Rondos in the images created using TacticalPad.

Every situation you find in a game is in the Rondos (except shooting): the competitive side, the free space, play with our without the ball, 1 touch pass, timing, ball recovery, etc.

For these reason, for Laureano Ruiz, Rondos shall be present in every training session.

It is fundamental, during the rondos, that the player with the ball have support to the right and the left, and one final option more distant, between the defenders:

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3 apoios ao portador da bola

This moves shall be constante showing the path lighting for the free spaces and pass options.

To give pass option it is necessary do have a good sense of unmarking.

For Laureano, the secret to get rid of the marking is to watch the opponents and with this observation find the best option.

Three kinds of unmarking…

1. Get away from the ball:


2. Stay still:


3. Get close to the ball:


During the rondos, if a player is not well positioned, the coach shall send him to the center. If the player with the ball, pass through the alley (beteween defenders to the farthest team mate) but it only reaches the side supporters, he shall go to the center too.

These rules shall be well explained to the players. During it, the option shall always be passing to the farthest players, when this is a options. If not, then to the sides.

The nomenclature usually used is: “pass to the feet” is the side pass and “pass to the space” is the one to the farthest player, through the ‘alley’.

Here we show several rondos by Laureano:


3×1 aerial:


2×2 + joker:



4×2 aerial, free move:

5×2 (with bad foot)

4×2 (mandatory 3 touches)

5×1 (1 touch)

Two rondos of 6×3:


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