Feb 18, 2014
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World Cup 2014 Teams: Bosnia and Herzegovina [Download]

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With 30 goals scored in the group stage of the European Qualifiers, Bosnia made history qualifying to its first World Cup. Despite not having faced any traditional team during this phase, the Bosnians have great chances to reach the playoffs, once they proved to have a very talented team. Maybe, these chances increase due to their opponents. Besides Argentina, Bosnia will play against Nigeria and Iran. Not that tough.

Within all the goals in the qualifiers, 18 were made by the strikers Ibisevic e Dzeko. Besides them, the coach Susic counts with the experienced midfielder Misimovic and with the defender and captain Spahic, a Bayer Leverkusen player.

Even being a surprise at the tournament, Bosnia should pay attention to the experience, once they are in the group of the twice World Champions Argentina and Nigeria, which is used to complicate some traditional teams in the competition.

Dzeko City

Džeko (Manchester City): The greatest Bosnian Striker ever, he has been one of the main players in Manchester City. Certainly, the defenders will have a tough task in stopping him during the World Cup. Main characteristics: Shooting.

Ibisevic Stuttgart

Ibišević (Stuttgart): the athlete, who started his career in soccer at the US College Leagues, comes to Brazil to disturb the defenders with his attacking partner Dzeko.  Main characteristics: shooting and assists.


Spahić (Bayer Leverkusen): not only as THE man in the Bosnian defense, Spahic is the team Captain. His mission? Command his team during their first World Cup.

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