World Cup 2014 Teams: United States of America [Download]

The United States National Men’s Soccer Team is one of the first to start the preparation for the 2014 Brazil World Cup. In January, Jürgen Klinsmann, the German coach of USA, brought a group of player to know the facilities they will use during their stay in Brazil: the Sao Paulo FC’s training center

During the period, the USA’s coach made some tests in the team and also put his team to face their “hosts”, Sao Paulo FC, in a friendly match. The Brazilian team won the game. Landon Donovan was in the spotlight while he was in Brazil, once he hasn’t been called for the CONCACAF Qualifiers matches.

For many people, USA soccer evolved in its style of play and in the organization, so that the recent results show it. They were present at the 2010 South Africa World Cup and one year before reached the Final Match at the Confederations Cup, losing it to Brazil


Clint Dempsey (Fulham-ING): the player is one of the American featured players. An idol for the American fans, he plays outside United States, in the strong English Premier League. Main characteristics: hondling ball, strength, long shots.


Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy-USA): if Dempsey is one of the guys in the American team, Donovan is THE guy. WIth a high technical level, he tried to make career in the European Football, with no success. Back to the US, his mission is to command the midfield. Main characteristics:passing, shooting, crossing and assists.


Josy Altidore (Sunderland-ENG): Altidore is the typical number 9. Centralized between the defenders, uses to create chances through long balls, crossing and opportunism.Main characteristics: opportunism, strength and speed.

Download below the project of the United States National Team for TacticalPad:



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