World Cup 2014 Teams: Switzerland [Download]

Swiss fans are very happy. They are seeing the best national football team in 50 years. They not only qualified easily to the World Cup, but also won friendly matches against traditional teams, such as Germany, Brazil and Croatia.

Switzerland comes to the tournament with a status of favorite in the group. However, they will must keep playing this good football in order to keep this status, once France, the 1998 World Champion, is an opponent and will play for the first place in the group. Also, Equator can complicate the Swiss. Honduras, however, probably won’t offer risks.

The German coach Ottmar Hitzfeld tries to keep the same style of play with a strong defense that brought records to Switzerland, but a little bit of more play with the ball. For that, the defensive midfielders Inler and Behrami, who play together in Napoli-ITA, are the key to protect the defense and make the team play.

shaqiri bayern

Shaqiri (Bayern Munich-GER): he is one of the many players that are not actually Swiss. Through naturalization, the Albanian player from Kosovo in now representing Switzerland and making success. Playing for Bayern, he was in the group that won the 2012-2013 season of the UCL.  Main characteristics: speed, passing, crossing and long distance shooting.

benaglio wolfsburg

Benaglio (Wolfsburg-GER): when we talk about Swiss football, a strong defense comes on our mind. Well, talking about defense, nothing better than highlight a goalkeeper. Benaglio has the responsibility to keep the Swiss fame of not suffering so many goals. Main characteristics: aerial balls.

Germany Soccer Champions League

Inler (Napoli-ITA): the Swiss coach is very smart. Both his defensive midfielders play together in Napoli. Inler, one of them, despite the mission of protect the defense is also the team captain. Main characteristics: passing, marking and game vision.

Bellow, download the Swiss project for TacticalPad:


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