On today’s post, we bring the first team to win a World Cup, Uruguay. In 1930, year the tournament first happened, the South American team won the Cup in its own territory. Years later, the performance was repeated in 1950, when Uruguay defeated the host Brazil at the Maracanã Stadium, in a Final watched by more than 200,000 people in the stands. For this reason, Uruguayans are considered the Brazilians’ hangmen.

In 2014, their speech is not different. The coach Óscar Tabárez, who took the team to the semifinals at the 2010 South Africa World Cup and won the Conmebol America Cup one year later, counts with great players like Diego Fórlan, Luis Suárez, Edinson Cavani e Diego Lugano, playing in a classical 4-4-2, with two lines of 4 men plus 2 strikers.

Excited with the last results, the Uruguayans are expecting a great performance in Brazil, reaching the final match and even winning the competition. However, just like the Argentinians, the Uruguayans are not supposed to experience a friendly environment in Brazil due to what happened in 1950. Certainly, Brazilians will not support Uruguay. It looks like Costa Rica, England and Italy will have much more supporters than they can imagine when they play Uruguay.

lugano west


Diego Lugano (West Bromwich-ENG): the Uruguayan defender is very know between the Brazilians. He played for Sao Paulo and its fans consider him an idol. His leadership and technique style of play, plus all his disposition to win makes him the captain of Uruguay. Main characteristics: leadership, defensive positioning and heading.

cavani psg


Edinson Cavani (Paris Saint-Germain): after great appearances playing for Napoli-ITA, Cavani signed with PSG. In the French team, the Uruguayan striker has performed excellent matches with his attack partner Ibrahimovic. Cavani has an awesome finalization and for that reason is one of the best strikers in the France. Main characteristics: shooting, positioning and infiltration.


suarez liverpool


Luis Suarez (Liverpool): Suarez is an idol in Liverpool. So that, he was considered the best player in England in 2013. Besides his ability to shoot on goal, he’s also a great player in number of assists. Main characteristics: free kicks, shooting and assists.

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