Dec 12, 2014
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Game situation (2)

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Exercise from the ebook Teaching Soocer Italian Style – Available for iPad at

Aiming at a specific game situation where there is the numerical superiority of the offensive team, this activity takes place as follows:

In a square as shown in the picture, there is a big goal with a goalkeeper. Place a player with a ball 25 meters away from the goal. Next to the big goal place two players that wait for the signal to start running. The player with the ball gives the signal. This player is in the middle of two little goals and he or she chooses to start by kicking the ball (high) in the middle of the square. That is the signal, and the two lateral players start running. The first player to arrive passes the ball back with the head and becomes the striker and they play a 2vs1 situation with the player that gave the signal. The second player becomes the defender. The 2 strikers must shoot on the big goal. If the defender catches the ball, he or she can now shoot on the two little goals.

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