Jan 8, 2015
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Game situation (3)

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Exercise from the ebook Teaching Soocer Italian Style – Available for iPad at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teaching-soccer-italian-style/id903908631?mt=8

Aiming at a specific game situation where there is the numerical superiority of the offensive team, this activity takes place as follows:

In a square as shown in the video we divide the area in front of the goal in three zones. Place a striker that stays with the ball with the back to the goal and a defender that must mark the striker and prevent him to turn and shoot on goal. The correct action of the defender is to pressure the striker staying at a distance of “one arm” from the striker. If the defender stays too close to the striker, the striker can turn and the same thing if the defender stays too far. The striker must cover the ball using the arms.

Pair number 1 will go once, then number 2 goes, and finally number 3.


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