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In a possible game situation, the exercise proposed here simulates two different ways a clash between defense and attack. Here are worked team game and the perception of space.


The field is divided in two squares 10x10m. In each square place a defender, as shown in the picture. The defender can’t move to the other square. In this case there will be a 2vs1 situation. If the goalkeeper or a defender picks up the ball, a new 2vs2 situation will be created. The defenders can score 1 goal stopping the ball in the END ZONE, in the other side of the goal. In this case we are working on the attitude to pass quickly from the phase of ball possession to the phase of no possession.

2vs2 with a defender in delay

As shown in the picture, the defender in delay passes the ball to one of the forwards and the 2vs2 situation starts. Of course, both forwards have to be fast to finish this situation so that they can play in the 2vs1 situation again. At the same time, the defender in delay has, as the first target, to run as quickly as possible to be able to help the teammate and transform this 2vs1 into a 2vs2 game situation.


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