Set up: … Pitch 30×20 balls, cones …

Instructions: … Players are divided into two groups of 10 players play a specific auxiliary game in order to better prepare for the main part of the training. In the (A) players play the game 4 + 3 vs. 3 game is aimed at players in possession of the ball as many times play a progressively adding between opponents in the field. After a lost ball players in the field become defenders. Four foreign players, who are back-row player during the game do not change position. In the (B) players play the game 6 vs. 4, 4 red players are positioned outside the field and two red players in the field in which they compared 4 blue players vs. 2 players red, game aims to 6 red players have possession more efficient, progressive additions keep the ball in possession, after turnovers blue players also play the game with the fields 4 vs. 2 with a lot of progressive added between the opponents.

Coaching Points: … possession with progressive passes behind the defensive line, precision and quality pass, good quality and timely gestures during the game, demarcation and predict intention opponents.

Duration 2×7 min.

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