The players on the outside are given the task of trying to play a pass to the player opposite them, Iff this is achieved that player can touch and shoot on the goal behind them. The scenraio we are painting is a split pass and then a finish. A good way to achieve this is by looking to disguise a side ways pass, making the defender step and then at the last minute playing the pass trhough the defence. All attackers should be on their toes and making slight movements to show for passes.

The 3 defenders are looking to prevent this pass.

– Closest defender press at an angle to show the next pass to 1 side
– Next defender give cover to make sure the split pass can’t happen but be close enough to press the next pass
– Third defender prevent the split pass and communicate body position/angles and speed of approach to the 2 front defenders

– All defenders should be constantly checking their shoulder to see the movement of the players behind them so defenders know they are in the right position to screen the split pass.
– All defender should communiate whether to press to win the ball or drop off and wait for a trigger to do so

When the defenders win the ball they must TRANSITION quickly because the player who give it away plus the 2 players immediately to their right are the new defenders and can COUNTER PRESS to win it back.

Note: I have started by saying the ball must be kept below waist height but you can progress to allow passes in the air meaning the third defender needs to get his/her angles right to defend longer passes

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