Sporting CP Football Training (Carlos Bruno & Paulo Leitão)

Sporting CP Football Training (Carlos Bruno & Paulo Leitão)

Applied Methodology on the Integration of Technical/Tactical and Physical Training

The Concept:

An organization, supported on proper infra-structures and services, aiming to provide the best football training and civic and sportive education to young athletes.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as a world leader in Youth Football.

Our Mission:

To produce football players for the highest competitive level, able to integrate Sporting CP professional team, promoting a solid education based on sportive, personal and social values.

Our Philosophy:

  • Focus on the PLAYER, not the team.
  • ALWAYS PLAY TO WIN is more important then always win.
  • Always keeping in mind our MISSION.
  • Everyday trying to do better in a ENVIRONMENT OF CONSTANT DEMAND.
  • Always FACING FORWARD THE FUTURE (open minded).


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Pedro Mendonça

Pedro Mendonça

About Pedro Mendonça:Real Madrid Foundation - Football Coach/Professor.UEFA B Football Coach.Physical Education Teacher.Author of: "Tactical Periodization: A Practical Application for the Game Model of FC Bayern Munich"

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