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Tactical Periodization Blue day: 2vs2

PLAYERS: 20SPACE: 50×65INTENSITY: medium to high

Set up: Pitch 2x30x20m, balls, cones

Organization: Players are divided into two works group in work-pitch dimenzions 2x30x20m. Two players are within the area of operation and the other players are arranged on transverse line divided into pairs. Players do passing exercise with internal players and develop stereotypes of cooperation between two players. Internal players changed in accordance with the positions that play. ( midfielder, attackers )

Coaching points:
development of the stereotypes of cooperation between two players; Accurately passing the ball; Vision passing; optimal pace of execution

Duration: 7min.


Set up: Pitch A & C 15x15m; B 20x20m; balls and cones.

Orgnization: In space to play (A, C) players are divided into three groups of two players and play the game 4 vs 2. In possession of the ball possession and opposite change after two players of the same color. The playing area B are 2 vs. 2 players in the area and two on the edge lines. Players play the game of ball possession 4 vs 2nd

Coaching points: development of stereotypes cooperation between the two players; Quick transition, passing Vision,

Duration: 2 x 7 min; r / t 2 min.


Set up: Pitch 50x65m; 45x30m; balls, cones …

Organization: Players play an active game 6vs6 and 5vs5 on two isolated field of play. Both courts have been marked lateral zone. In both games players have a goal to organize cooperation two players in the side zones and create chances to score after centering the ball into the box. When the cooperation takes place in a side area of the players from the other side of the zone participate in the final attack.

Coaching points: The development of stereotypes cooperation between the two players; Good insertion in the box; Good finish; rapid transition;

Duration: 2x10min. r / t 2 min.

2vs2 Implementation

Set up: Pitch 50x65m, balls, cone …

Organization: Players play the game 11vs11 half a football field, goal of the game to create opportunities and achieve goals, with all the rules of football. Sub-objectives are to identify situations cooperation between the two players and apply stereotypes cooperation that team lead to the creation of scoring chances.

Duration: 15 minutes.



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