Set up: Pitch 40x30m; balls, cones … Organization: Four players are practicing ball passing exercise in relation 3 blue vs 1 red player in field ( A ). After the 3 vs 1 action in field ( A ) the opposite red player and one blue player move to field ( B ) and continue exercise in relation 3 red vs 1 blue. Progression: In field ( A ) players play the ball possesion game in relation 4 blue vs 2 red players. Two red and two blue players are inside the playing field and two more players are on cross lines of the playing field. Red players have the task to get the ball and pass it to their players in field ( B ) on the sross lines and move to field ( B ) and forming the ball possesion game in relation 4 red vs 2 blue players. Two blue players who played the ball possesion game inside the field ( A ) move to cross lines the playing field ( A ) and cross lines blue players move to the playing field ( B ) to play the ball possesion game. Coaching points: – Development stereotype cooperation two or more players – Defense when you are out of balance – Quick transition – Quick decision making

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