Tactical Periodization: Recovery Day 6vs6

Set up: …Pitch 50x45m, balls cones…

Instructions: … Players play the game 6 vs. 6. The game aims to automate stereotypes cooperation in offensive actions after the insertion of the lateral positions.

The game begins in a 3 vs 1 at A. Three players are tasked with the co-operation through at the gate and play side attackers who are available in the game and are located on the sides of the attacks. each subsequent action begins to set defense for the same purpose. The coach of the side dictated the pace of the game by inserting balls straight.

Coaching Points: … Safe added in the preparation of the attack, the concentration in the final …

Duration 2 x 7 min.


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By Damir Vučić

As a Player - 1984 – 1991 F.C. “Velez” Mostar 1st ex YU DIV - 1991 – 1992 NK “Neretva” Metković 1st CRO DIV: - 1992 – 1993 NK “Dubrava” Zagreb 1st CRO DIV - 1993 – 1998 NK “Orijent” Rijeka 1st CRO DIV - 1998 - 2004 NK “Ljubuški” Ljubuški 1st BiH DIV As a Coach Working experience (As a Coach) - 1997-2003 NK “Ljubuški” Yout teams At the same time, as of Januar 1997 - 2013 as a Regional selector U - 16 - 2005 – 2013 General menager and coach NK Bigeste - 2013 – 2014 Tehnical menager & U-18 coach NK “Bigeste” Ljubuški - 2014 – NK “Sloga” Ljubuški - Academy director - 2013-2014 NK “Sloga” Ljubuški Head-Coach - 2014-2015 NK “Sloga” Head-Coach&Tehnical Director - 2015-2016 NK “Neretvanac” Opuzen CRO; - Academy director - 2016-2017 NK “Neretvanac” Opuzen CRO;-Head Coach

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