Dec 5, 2016
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Technical circuit and final 1 vs 1 duel with goalkeeper for U10 – U 12 players

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esercitazione-pulcini-2This exercise is suitable for U10 and U 12 players to coach the basic technical skills without opponents first (dribble, passing and receiving) and then to bring them to a competitive level with a 1 vs 1 duel to finish. The player 2 starts to dribble among the cones while the player 3 dribble at speed between the cone bigger cones gate; they both play wall passings with elastic nets and receive back. The player 2 must dribble through the cones gate and the player 3 dribbles among the cones on the other side, he plays a wall pass with the elastic net and shoot on goal to score against the goalkeeper. The player 3 then plays 1 vs 1 against the player 2 to score.



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