Dec 9, 2016
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Technical – tactical exercise in the square

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This exercise is developed inside a square and it’s suitable to train the countermovements, the receiving while running, to find the third man and the passing the a support player. it is thought to coach principles of play and not for a specific system of play. The player 4 passes to the player 2 (1) while the player 3 makes a countermovement to receive from 2 (2); as 3 receives, the player 5 must run forward to receive the ball with the right timing (3) and then he plays a 1-2 pass with the player 2 who is running toward him as support (4-5). The player 5 must now serve to the “third man”, the number 4 who’s running to receive (6) and to dribble till the next cone forward (7). The player 4 changes direction and passes to the player 2 who’s still in support in the centre of the square (8) and who passes to the running player 5. All the players will run forward to the next cone following the direction of the sequence.


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