The Circle of Goal

The Circle of Goal.
The Circle of Goal.

An exercise extremely funny for training the speed and orientation in young players.

Two players are placed around a central reference as shown. The coach call “right / left” and the two players run (side run!) in circle facing each other around the cone in this direction, trying to remain at the two opposite points of a hypothetical circle drawn around the pin.

After a series of right/left calls, at a psychokinetic (voice, color, gesture) signal of the coach: the players must reach and overtake the mini-cones before the companion.
Is it possible to insert technical tasks or small play situations after mini cones.

In the figure: Orange Station, enter between the two poles before the mate; Red Station, control the ball and score a goal (or hit a cone) before mate; Station Yellow, 1vs1 with shot on goal; Blue Station, sit inside a circle before mate.


Here you can download images, pdf, TacticalPad Project File (you need TacticalPad app) and everything related to the post.
[restrict]Download The Circle of Goal – PDF
Download The Circle of Goal – TacticalPad Project


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