Tactical Periodization Blue day: 2vs2

Players play the game 11vs11 half a football field, goal of the game to create opportunities and achieve goals, with all the rules of football. Sub-objectives are to identify situations cooperation between the two players and apply stereotypes cooperation that team lead to the creation of scoring chances.

Transition developing

Passing warm up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr8075CsfAYSet up: Pitch 20x20m; balls, cones ...Instruction: Players do passing exercises in the direction of the yelow amd red arrows in the...

You’ve Got To Get In To Get Out

2 giocatori blu e 2 giocatori rossi in una Moneta. Il giocatore in possesso palla la trasmette ad un compagno e si muove in uno...

Jurgen Klopp’s ft. Jamie Carragher & David Jones (MNF)

‘I LOVE THE GAME TOO MUCH!’ Football Philosophy of Jurgen Klopp:'COUNTER-PRESSING (GEGENPRESSING) IS THE BEST PLAYMAKER'.Counter-pressing (gegenpressing) - win the ball back, high on the...

3vs3 Positional Play in a Qoin

https://youtube.com/watch?v=MVKDbXeIRc0 Play Context: Qoin (an exagon 8-10m each side) with a triangle (2-3m each side) in the middle.Players: 6 or multipleEach player starts on a different side...

Juego de posición Louis Van Gaal 3×3+2

Analysis of a Positional Play employed by the Dutch coach and future coach of the Manchester United, Louis Van Gaal. He is one of the parents of the Game of Position that so many successes provoked in the Selection of Spain and the FC Barcelona of Pep Guardiola.
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