Danny Searle’s Finishing

A recent pole on Twitter saw 35% of the voters chose Finishing as their topic. This video shows some practices to give your players the opportunity for repetition, variety and adding decision making, pressure and opposition.

Danny Searle’s Pressing – Midfield 3

Tactical Periodization Blue day: 2vs2

Players play the game 11vs11 half a football field, goal of the game to create opportunities and achieve goals, with all the rules of football. Sub-objectives are to identify situations cooperation between the two players and apply stereotypes cooperation that team lead to the creation of scoring chances.

Passing in the midfield Exercise for the development of stereotypes passing the ball in midfield. The exercise was organized to be carried out in a rotating direction...

You’ve Got To Get In To Get Out

2 giocatori blu e 2 giocatori rossi in una Moneta. Il giocatore in possesso palla la trasmette ad un compagno e si muove in uno...

You’ve Got To Get In To Get Out

2 blue players and 2 red players in a Qoin. The player in possession transmits it to a teammate and moves in an empty space. (Variation:...

Use space between lines

 Set up: pitch 30x25m, cones, balls ...Instructions: In the areas of a) and a1) is the four players the team in possession of the...

Sovrapposizione e ricerca dei vertici

  I giocatori sono disposti a rombo sui lati di un quadrato; il vertice basso (num 4) è in possesso palla e decide a quale...

Overlapping and look for vertexes

 The players are placed along the sides of a square; the lower vertex (number 4) is in possession of the ball and he decides...

Real Madrid Training Session (Zidane) – 30/12/2016

Rondo 10v2:Ball Possession - 10v10 + 1 Offensive Joker: Yo-Yo - 18x:Teams Tournament:by Pedro Mendonça (@PedMenCoach)