Exercise for the Operationalization of Marco Silva’s Game Model
It should preferably be used in the “Yellow Day” for those who use Tactical Periodization as a Training Methodology.

Video created with TacticalPad, a Coaching Software tool.

– To Improve the Offensive Transition.

– The objective is to play the ball in the central channel and from there pass it behind the opponent’s last defensive line towards the Wingers. If we are unable to play the ball in the central channel, it should be played behind the opponent’s last defensive line so the Wingers may penetrate.

– (1v2 + Keeper) and (3v2 + Keeper)

– Near one of the boxes and within a 20×20 yards box (in red), the Yellow 9 (Center Forward) tries to beat the two opposing defenders, drive into the box and score within the pre-determined time;
– If the defenders recover the ball they immediately try to place it in the central channel in one 3 players positioned at midfield. Preferably the pass should be to the 9 who will then play the ball deep behind the last line of defense for the Wingers penetration creating a 3 v 2 + Keeper situation. This must occur within the pre-determined time.
– Each exercise situation lasts at most 10 seconds.


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