Tactical Periodization Blue day: Transition Game

Set up: Pitch 40x30m

Instructions: Start the game in one of the two sectors, in this case, as shown in the image on the sector of the red team. The blue team takes the pressure follows, 3 players go into the red zone to try to recover (play 6 vs 3), 2 players are on each side outside the gaming sector option pass blues players and 1 in its sector is also to be option pass. The red team play possesion game, when the blue team get a ball in the area of pressure to either of the 2 players who are on the sides or with whom remained in their sector and from there to pass the ball to blue player and go on to play possesion game in offensive organization in sector of the blues.

Coaching Points: Auxiliary game 6vs6 with a pronounced transition after winning the ball and changing the ball out of the field A to field B and vice versa.

Duration: 2×7 min.


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By Pedro Mendonça

About Pedro Mendonça: Real Madrid Foundation - Football Coach/Professor. UEFA B Football Coach. Physical Education Teacher. Author of: "Tactical Periodization: A Practical Application for the Game Model of FC Bayern Munich"

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