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Set up: pitch 30x25m, cones, balls …

Instructions: In the areas of a) and a1) is the four players the team in possession of the ball. and the two players opposite team. in the central b) zone there are four opposite players. Players who are in possession aim to develop stereotypes cooperation and technical communication skills in the possession of the ball. The team that was in possession aims to quickly transfer the ball from the zone a) in the zone a1), by adding or dribbling. In the event that the team transferred the ball in zone dribbling, remains the ratio 4 vs 2 held by a player of the team that has possession of the yarn in the zone where the ball is coming. Opposite team has the task quickly to reach the ball. Players in zone b) have the task made it difficult for the transfer of possession of a zone) in the zone a1).

Coaching points: Quality ball possession, decision-making, rapid transition in the game,

Duration: 2x7min; r/t 2min.


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