Jan 5, 2017
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Variable 3 vs 2 with free players

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In a square space of variable dimensions technical and tactical exercises are alternated to get to play a final duel 3 vs 2. Player 4 (free player) starts to dribble among the cones, he decides which air-body he wants to overcome with a feint (right in the picture) and then shoot on goal. The player 5, placed on the opposite side, plays 1 vs 1 against 2. Then the player 6 passes the ball to 3, who plays 3 vs 2 (5 and 6) together with the number 2 and the free player 4 to score in the regular goal with the goalkeeper. If the defenders recover the ball, they play 3 vs 2 as well with 4 as support to score in the minigoals.

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