Objective is for the Blue team to build the play from the Goalkeeper through all 3 zones to score in one of the Target Goals.

The Blue team must complete at least 3 passes in each zone before they can play forwards to the next zone and finally complete 3 passes to score in the end zone. Once 3 passes have been completed in each zone, players can pass back to the zones behind without restriction. Players must remain in their zones, with the exception of two central midfielders who may move forward to the end zone to create a 3v2 situation to score.

If the White team recovers the ball, the objective is to break quickly to score against the Goalkeeper.

With younger age groups, start with the White team only able to apply passive pressure, before progressing to allowing tackling.

Coach may also restrict number of touches or increase number of passes in the central zone to increase difficulty.

Points to consider:
Where, When, Weight (3 W’s of Passing)
Body Shape – can I receive to play forward?
Positioning – am i using space effectively given game conditions etc and creating good angle?
Scanning – Am I aware of the position of my team mates
Use GK to create numerical superiority

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