Emergent behavior

Emotionality of disorder

Order in game ideas

The power of the question

Back to technique

Stop post-covid socio-psycho-motor learning

Disorder in the context of training

Randomized targets

Think in tasks and not in roles

Relationship and relationship between footballers

Fluid space

Part 1:

Part 2:

???? Be open to new teaching perspectives , explore new operational scenarios, continually search for the unexplored, the unexpected, the removed.

This is the founding meeting of a group of ‘extraordinary’ trainers who will guide us through a training path created to take up the challenge of the unpredictability of the game and its learning.

???? There couldn’t have been a different beginning …

Today we present the first training environment of Alessandro Vittorio Formisano and his team “The non-linearity of learning in the game of football”.

???? Together with Emanuele Tedoldi, Javier De La Guardia, Pasquale Pastore, Stefano Zerbato and Tommy Dal Santo will be a journey into the game, through its complexity to reach the new evolutionary stages of learning.

We will do it together without filters, step by step.

???? Ideas and constant comparison to grow and build a road that leads us towards a change of paradigm, away from everything that tries to change the complexity of the game.

You can watch the introductory seminars for free, don’t miss this opportunity… start now!