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    David Baird

    Academy coach for Hearts of Midlothian Football Club in Edinburgh…

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      Francesco Ambrosini

      UEFA Youths & Grassroots subCoach • Editor @tacticalpedia •…

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      Overloads to goal

      3v3 in the middle (add a roaming player if you want to have more success for players of a lesser ability)After a minimum…


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      Creating space to shoot – 3. GAME

      Rules:2v2 with players allocated to half of the small pitch.This allows the players at the back to work on building (using GK's feet) while the front 2 make movements to try and create space, receive and shoot like the previous drills. Or for…

      Creating space to shoot – 2. DEVELOPMENT

      With the passing player now supporting that pass you can work on using this player as a decoy and going yourself or finding the return pass or set pass to the edge of the box. You can also work on the passing player making a run in behind.There…