Learning and context: an indivisible combination

This is called “Context Dependent Memory”. There are numerous studies in the second half of the 1900s that attempted to demonstrate how the characteristics of the context in…

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Effective communication in life and on the field

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN LIFE AND ON THE FIELD In a world that is moving ever faster, the ability to attract and concentrate attention has become the real strength of some and the dilemma of others. “My kids don't pay attention when I talk!” “I have difficulty making people understand the task, they aren't used to concentrating!” You…

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Coach and Manager, assonances on the pitch

The word Manager has been widely used in the sports field for years to also refer to the figure of the coach. The SPORTS MANAGER has a strategic and managerial focus, mainly dealing with the planning of the various processes of the organization. His skills also extend to economic, administrative and often legal aspects. The role…

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The identity of the evolutionary process

We have been consciously trying to constantly work to improve our organizations for years now. It is common to think that the success of the organization, especially in the sporting field, is attributable to the resources deployed, mostly economic and human. In this limited vision, however, we run the risk of forgetting the history…

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Managing complexity from an early age

https://vimeo.com/467714164 Is it possible to immerse the child, right from the start, within the complexity typical of the game of football? What are the reasons that lead us to change the classic paradigms of training for children? I'm talking to you about it today together with my friend and colleague Mattia Rizzo.  

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Generation of play alternatives

In previous interventions we reflected on the high volatility of situations, a thousand and more times in total, during a match. Based on this reality, it is necessary to improve the ability to make decisions in a very short time. And since it is clear that no situation can be identical to another, dispensing solutions is absolutely…

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Energy in motion.

The winner in happiness is the one who has many attitudes. (Silvio Ceccato). In the 80s Silvio Ceccato in "Engineering of Happiness" (Rizzoli, Milan 1985) addressed the theme relating to attentional and nervous energy. "This energy delivered from a source, in our case from the nervous system, has various possibilities. It can expand or…

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The “choking” phenomenon

In this article we delve deeper into an interesting topic related to motor control treated by Frans Bosch, a Dutch university professor, one of the world's leading experts on the…

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It costs less for stephen curry

Cheap or Resistant?< /p>  I became aware of this video thanks to my brother, a professional basketball player, who, showing it to me, expressed his disbelief not so much for the technical performance (for heaven's sake I think he never achieved 105 consecutive…

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Analysis of defensive corners: how to attack Atalanta’s layout

In our first meeting (video above) we analyzed the disposition of the 20 Serie A teams on the defensive corner kick situation. It is quite predictable to ask: which is the best? In set pieces, unlike movement situations, the efficiency ratio is much more direct. When we concede goals from…

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Breaking the defensive line: PSV’s “third man”.

In this new little analysis we abandon the "stopped ball" situations to see how Schimdt's PSV managed to score twice against league leaders Ajax coached by Ten Hag, in the top 10 clash January finished 2-2.

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