Francesco Ambrosini

UEFA Youths & Grassroots subCoach

November 12, 2020In Uncategorized10 Minutes

The new knowledge currently available to us regarding motor and sports learning in the neurobiological, psychological and pedagogical fields no longer represents a simple opportunity for growth and expansion of our training offer and capacity but rather a moral and professional imperative to rethink and redesign our approach to teaching and performance in sports as well as the opportunity to obtain a notable strategic advantage for all the clubs, coaches and professionals who manage to implement in a short time, coherent and effective methodological solutions in this new scenario.

We must therefore be able to carry out what to all intents and purposes represents a complete and necessary change in the conceptual and operational paradigm and in our methods of intervention in the field rather than a simple variation of our proposals, whether oriented towards training or seeking high performance.

Not a simple replacement or addition of content, therefore, but a reorganization of the goals, tools, and focus on all aspects and actors of the entire training process.

If we wanted to summarize, we could methodologically identify some of the necessary steps to take towards the definition of a new possible paradigm:

  • rethinking of the training process as an intermittent, karst, reciprocal, complex and collective phenomenon;
  • coherent reformulation of the principles that guide and regulate teaching, training and performance activities;
  • functional and structural reorganization of the learning and performance environments, of the game proposals and experiences;
  • functional re-elaboration of the methods of intervention in the field;
  • maintenance of a system open to evidence and emergencies of the context and activities, through a careful process of analysis, understanding and self-evaluation;
  • functional use of the new and necessary technological tools available today aimed at aiding understanding and management of the complexity of the context in which we operate (and not to reduce, trivialize or sterilize it);

We are convinced that, in order to orient ourselves in such a broad and not without pitfalls terrain, moreover in a constantly changing social, technological and cultural context, clear points of reference are needed which can help us to provide the right perspectives and interpretative keys to our daily work on a playing field.

We at TacticalPedia recognize the concept of relationship as one of the key principles of this social, scientific and sporting era, the background noise towards which culturally all disciplines and , with them, the individual actions of many today move silently in resonance.

Physics, neuroscience, economics and all the areas that characterize the cultural and social expression of our time are headed in this direction. Leaving the task of delving deeper into the articles, meetings and publications that you already find and will find on our platform and simply wanting to give an overview of the most well-known trends expressed we cannot avoid mentioning the most recent theories on time or quanta, on mirror neurons, on emotional intelligence, on the economics of social networks…

Our task therefore becomes that of completely redesigning our firmament of reference, abandoning information for ideas, replacing the transmission of notions with the sharing of experiences and , to return to the field, interpreting game dynamics and perspectives not according to the movement but the actions of a player, forgetting for a moment his objectives to understand the ‘sense’ of his game and so on , as we will discover together with our technicians.

The second characterizing element of today’s time that we want to underline, this time not as a principle and driving force but as an interpretative key, is identity.

To be able to move with safety and determination on a playing field and respond quickly and effectively to the complex and variable stresses that occur within a match todaya, the modern player needs the support of his own clear and defined individual and gaming identity which helps him to orient himself and maintain the level of his decision-making abilities, creativity and determination unchanged in situations of high psycho-physical stress.< /p>

This consideration must obviously be extended even more to those who carry out roles in managing and directing all these dynamics as well as technicians, trainers, managers and area managers. Define your style then, we want to do it together.

The third requirement is certainly that of innovation, with which term we do not refer to the sterile pursuit of ‘fads’ and current trends or to ‘change’ for the simple pleasure of doing so, without preparation, criterion or perspectives or, again, the use of new technology without understanding or contextualising it but rather the ability to grasp and interpret what are the real social, cultural and psychological dynamics and drifts that mix and interact within the groups of which we are custodians and managers, being able to operate while keeping one foot inside their world and the other outside, well directed towards the perspectives that can most influence and encourage their growth and improvement being able to calibrate, imagine, invent new tools and training scenarios.

The objective with which TacticalPedia Italia was born is therefore to seek new strategies and solutions in the field of training and research performance that revolve around these inspiring principles, together with others that we will identify along the way, putting into practice and functionally organizing the best technological tools that we have available today and our ability to relate through they.

We want to take the first step, together with you and all the technicians who experience this need, towards the creation of a training context for us technicians too in which participatory, collaborative, courageous and open to the unknown, to curiosity and discovery.

We want to do this, together with you, not simply by sharing ideas or technical and methodological material but by establishing relationships on which to build our specific identity and projects, on which to base the foundations of our shared knowledge, never concluded, of which, we are convinced, we will be the first beneficiaries.

The solutions that we have developed and that we want to improve, starting today also thanks to your indications and suggestions, represent tools aimed at establishing a training relationship between trainer and students < strong>reciprocal, durable and effective.

Tools with which we are all much more familiar today than a few years or, in some cases, months ago but which in the form of social media or in the episodic nature of the many praiseworthy individual or group initiatives fail to represent what they should be an adequate tool for the needs of continuous training that today’s technician, professional and trainer desperately need.

We have therefore gathered a staff of professionals who will work to build the training path best suited to your needs and expectations.

To build your individualized training path, you already have training environments at your disposal, managed by one or more technicians from the TacticalPedia staff who will cover the various thematic and interest areas.< /p>

Within each of them you will be able to have a continuous discussion with the trainers and participants of the environment itself, exchange and share ideas and training and methodological material, actively participate in monthly meetings, contact your team on a 1-to-1 video call on a monthly basis trainers, meet freely with participants and/or trainers in a virtual video conference room always available and many other services and opportunities.

For the entire month of November, access to the entire platform and all training environments will be free and, starting from December, at a small promotional cost you will be able to continue to follow the themes and environments of greatest interest to you.

Starting next week, the first training meetings open to all with our staff technicians are already scheduled.

Visit them now, get to know our staff and tell us your opinion on

Francesco Ambrosini

UEFA Youths & Grassroots subCoach

November 12, 2020In Uncategorized10 Minutes